2004年9月30日 -- AIfIAは、ダブリンコアとメタデータ・アプリケーションのDC2004 国際会議の事前カンファレンス、「グローバルコーポレート環境の相互通信のためのメタデータ」をスポンサーします。

The one-day pre-conference program takes place on October 10, 2004 in Shanghai, China, and is expected to attract around 100 people. The pre-conference workshop addresses the metadata lifecycle -- creation, management, and use -- as it applies to enterprise applications and activities, with focus on interoperability enabling international business. Experts will present case studies about interesting applications of metadata, and then discuss issues related to metadata creation, management, and use in the enterprise.

This pre-conference program will help participants learn how to optimize the early stages of a metadata program for international and cross-cultural deployments, said Makx Dekkers, DCMI Managing Director. Support from AIfIA underscores the vital role of information architecture in developing a metadata program.

We are pleased to support this important initiative, said AIfIA President Victor Lombardi. We believe that information architecture can help inform the process for aligning business goals to a metadata initiative.


Contact in English: Perry Hewitt,

原文:AIfIA Backs Corporate Metadata Initiative
NobuyaSato — 2004年09月30日 02:32