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Sr. UX Strategist

Randstad Technologies

Bellevue, WA, USA

Full-time, contract position.

Contract length: 6 months

Job description

Do you have a track record of delivering successful mobile and cross channel UX products? Do you enjoy translating business goals into products that people love? As a Sr. UX Strategist, you will work closely with product management, development, and user experience teams. You will be responsible for translating product goals, user research, and design principles into tangible UX strategies. You will be creating cross team alignment to ensure these strategies translate into products that solve customer pain points while solving the business needs.

Job qualifications

Strategic Planning
• Describe/illustrate the problem state
• Gather business goals
• Identify ideal desired outcomes
• Identify UX principles
• Prioritize features and focus areas
• Set scope, high-level project planning: what types of UX activities will be needed to implement the project and achieve the vision (eg, user research, concept development, sketching, screen design, prototyping, and testing)

Data Collection and Planning
• Competitive research to determine opportunities, gaps and best practices in the market
• Idenitfy users/buyers?
• Identify metrics to gauge success

Strategy Workshop Facilitation
• Brainstorm Sessions
• Elevator pitch development
• Future artifact (eg, press release from the future to describe what the new product does)
• Initial storyboarding
• List potential features, plot on estimated cost/impact chart (high/low matrix) Also align to vision/goals/priorities of project

Research planning
• Identify research focus
• Identify research participants
• Collect/analyze existing research
• Identify key insights

Communication Strategy
• Communicating value across partner teams/key project stakeholders

• Bachelor's Degree required.

How to apply

Please contact Greg Starr with Randstad Technologies



Thu Jan 28, 2016
(143 weeks ago)


Fri Feb 5, 2016
(in 991 days)

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