Minutes for November 1st, 2010

Discussing the topic of advisors from the last meeting.  The final decision was to wait until we set the goals and objectives and chose based on what we need. Noreen advised that the advisory role is not mandatory.

Historically the IAI has had troubles managing Advisors; as a result there will be a clear selection based on needs of expertise the current board lacks in the future.

Update on the status of the survey about what the current Board of Directors needs to be focused on…

1. Vision

2. Professional Practice (programs being offered)

3. Dealing with Infrastructure

4. Marketing / Communications split to make it a priority)

5. Member Services and Partnerships

Noreen to provide the Board Members with the complete results to all once Shari has completed the survey to ensure all Board Members have the opportunity to chime in with their thoughts.

Andrea pointed out that each Board Member has access to volunteers and advisors if we continue to refine points over and over.  We run the risk of trying to get things perfect while accomplishing very little in the end.

Dan suggested that we follow-up accordingly by allowing Board Members who want to work on initiatives to take on such challenges, like Dorian and Shari tackling the website for the IAI through Inventory, the proposed Code of Conduct (which will be radically changed to meet the specific needs of the Board of Directors) making iterative changes so long as it doesn’t impede the everyday operations of the IAI.

After all the data has been submitted we will look at focusing on specific goals based on the survey data.

NOTE: Board Members are requested to think about specific initiatives they would like to tackle for the next meeting.

Second Life decision - We will no longer be using / supporting this service.

Any takers for the Oct 31 deadline for grants?  There was one submission for the grant as a result Noreen will be extending the deadline for a month and we will look at marketing via Twitter / PR

IDEA and IxD11 agreement to send 2 people to the conference in agreement b/w the IAI and IxD11  A decision will need to be made about who to send in the coming weeks.

Jeff asked Board of Directors if there might be a conflict of interest of he interviewing Brenda Laurel for the IxD11 conference.  The Board agreed that such an endorsement wouldn’t present any conflict of interest and he’ll be moving forward in setting up that recording to by published on Johnny Holland.

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