2006 Progress Grant Details

Description of the Award

The award shall consist of a Certificate for the winning author (and each co-author) and a check for USD $1000 issued directly to the primary applicant.

Distribution of the Final Product

While copyright (if applicable) of the resulting grant final product is owned by the creator(s), the Information Architecture Institute (IAI) requires that the resulting work be published on the IAI website to provide a continuing resource for Information Architects and as a general benefit for the IA community at large. The creator(s) are also encouraged to publish the resulting work in any format they choose such as their own website, blog, or as part of a larger work.

Presentation of the results, be it for a conference presentation or poster at an appropriate venue, such as the Information Architecture Summit, are also greatly encouraged.


No more than one application may be submitted per person (including multi-authored submissions).

The proposal must fall within the scope of information architecture and result in a piece of work that is either original research or product that is of general use to the information architecture community.

The proposal must describe work that will be completed within the guidelines (see the CFP) after receiving notice of proposal acceptance.

Administration & Evaluation

The Information Architecture Institute Grant Committee is the sole jury for this award. Grant committee members are not eligible to apply for the award themselves. In the case of no acceptable applicants or ineligible applicants, the awards may not be granted.


Submissions should be sent electronically to grants [at] iainstitute [dot] org, as directed by the IA Progress Grants page. Applications will be forwarded to the Jury without author identification. Therefore, the applicant's name, address or affiliation should not appear on the proposal itself, but only in the covering letter, which should identify the attached proposal.

The application package should include:

a) a cover letter, stating: the primary (and associated) author's name(s), address, email, and affiliation; and that the attached proposal is being submitted for the IAI Award;

b) the proposal (maximum 2500 words) with no applicant identification;

c) a short budget showing how the research funds would be spent.

The Awards Jury Committee

The IAI Awards Jury is composed of six members, including the Jury Chair, and are appointed by the Chair of IAI Grant Committee for a one year term. The 2006-7 Committee members are:

In the absence of qualified proposals, the Jury may refrain from granting the award.

Selection of the Awardees

The content of each eligible proposal shall be appraised in terms of the significance of the proposal, the thoroughness of the description of the proposal including its intended resulting product, formulation of the relevancy of the proposed work and the potential significance of the resulting work for the information architecture community as in accord with the goals of the Information Architecture Institute.

Each voting juror assigns points to each eligible proposal, based on the overall criteria used to evaluate it, and transmits the scores for each proposal to the Jury Chair. The Jury Chair totals the points from all jurors, and the winners are the proposals with the highest total score. In cases of a tie, the tying nominees will be re-evaluated.

The Jury Chair shall communicate the jury's decision to the board of directors of the IAI and notify the winners by October 1, 2006. Publication of winning proposals may be communicated after that via the IAI website, email lists, and blog postings.

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