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The Membership Recommendation Working Group

OVERVIEW: Scope, Goals and Objectives

The goal of this working group is to propose a plan for a membership scheme for AIfIA. This scheme should take into account and be supportive of AIfIAís mission and needs, as well as the necessities of its current and potential members.

The scope of this proposal relates the financial, economical and technical necessities of current and potential AIfIA members and the steps required to adequate AIfIAís membership types and sign up processes to these groups.

Our main focus is to address the economic disparities between the developed world and developing countries, as well as student needs. Specifically our objectives are:

PROPOSAL: Group History and Methodology

This working group started out discussing the need to adequate the membership prices to individuals residing in developing countries around the world. We conducted background research on different pricing models from several institutions and associations with similar characteristics to AIfIA, paying special attention to membership rates for members from developing countries and students, to analyze what were the best practices among professional international organizations.

An initial recommendation was compiled and submitted it to AIfIAís Leadership Council who evaluated the proposal and provided us with feedback. After analyzing our membersí characteristics and the needs of prospect members further, it became clear that this scope needed to be broadened to truly support AIfIAís mission in serving a larger community of practice.

We then extended our research to address the needs of students in more detail and the possibilities in approaching student organizations and academic programs, as well as identifying what are the members and potential membersí expectations towards AIfIA and its membership system.

The final result of this research and the collective effort of this group were compiled as a recommendation, which is now being reviewed by the Leadership Board. We should point out though that fee structure is inextricably linked with issues of who the organization is seeking as its members and while our recommendations are limited to fees, they do have an indirect impact on how organization grows.

For this reason, we recommend this working group to periodically unite and review the impacts of the membership system and how it is assisting AIfIAís goals and supporting memberís initiatives.

STATUS: What we've been up to

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