Hungarian Representative

Minkó Mihaly




Nemzetközi Kapcsolat

IAI Events and Sponsorship opportunities

Jorge Arango
Events Director
Email: events AT iainstitute DOT org

IAI Partnership opportunities

Sarah Rice
Marketing/Communications Director
Email: info AT iainstitute DOT org

IAI Local Group formation

Peter Boersma
Membership/Local Groups Director
Email: localgroups AT iainstitute DOT org

IAI Job Board

Samantha Bailey
Job Board Leader
Email: jobs AT lists.iainstitute DOT org

For all other inquiries, please send email to
info AT iainstitute DOT org.

IAI Mentoring

Lynn Boyden
Mentoring Leader
Email: mentoring AT iainstitute DOT org

Membership and Volunteering

For questions about joining IAI, volunteering or if you have forgotten your login or password, please email:

Melissa Weaver
Membership/Volunteer Coordinator
Email: membership AT iainstitute DOT org

Website, Lists and Operations

Noreen Whysel
IAI Operations
Email: operations AT iainstitute DOT org

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