Annual Report 2007

This, our fifth year of operation, was one of consolidation. We are no longer trailblazing pioneers. Rather, we are building the long-term infrastructure that will enable us to serve a growing and ever more diverse community of experts. During 2007 the Institute welcomed over 750 new members and enjoyed 400 renewals.

Thus, our organization now has over 1500 members in 82 countries. Although we are a virtual organization we have also had an opportunity to personally meet many of our members at the many conferences and workshops we held or sponsored around the globe.

In 2007 we also saw the development of rich online communities. Following the greatly strengthened online presence provided by our new English-language website, our Spanish and German sites have undergone major revisions and will go live in early 2008. Other languages will also be updated and upgraded during the early months of 2008. And throughout the year, IAs gathered on our island in Second Life to share presentations and engage with one another in avatar form.

In November, we announced we were seeking an Executive Director. Not only is this a practical step that will enable us to better manage our back-office activities, assist with events, and work with our two current staffers, this also marks our coming of age as an organization. Thank you for being part of it all! We plan to introduce our new Executive Director to our membership at the Annual Meeting, scheduled for Sunday, April 13, 2008 at the IA Summit in Miami, Florida.

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