Volunteer Initiative Leaders Biographies

Samantha Bailey: Job Board and Education

Akron, OH, USA

Samantha Bailey is the Job Board initiative leader. Samantha Bailey is a highly skilled leader with more than a decade of management experience in a variety of user-centered design environments. She is currently consulting and teaching as an adjunct professor at Kent State University in the Information Architecture & Knowledge Management program.

She was formerly the Director of Usability at Thomson West for the westlaw.com interface, the premier legal research product on the market. At Thomson West, she was responsible for user interface design direction, user experience research efforts and usability testing program.Prior to that, she was the lead information architect at Wachovia Bank where she provided strategy and direction for the information architecture and interaction design of the corporate website, bringing a user-centered design philosophy to shaping the site's classification, navigation and labeling. She led the redesign of the wachovia.com site, merging two pre-existing sites brought together when First Union and Wachovia merged in 2002.

Samantha was also Vice President of Operations at Argus Associates, a pioneering information architecture firm whose approach to user-centered design was based on applying principles of library science. She played a critical role in building a world-class information architecture operation, contributing to the development of an industry-leading methodology and process. Her clients included AT&T, Procter & Gamble, Ernst & Young, Vanguard and the Weather Channel.

More about Samantha at www.baileysorts.com

Andrea Resmini: IA Library

Jönköping, Sweden

As Directors of the IA Library, Andrea Resmini oversees management and collection development.

The library was originally created by Chiara Fox and Jeff Tang. Ongoing editorial support has been provided by Amy Silvers, Experience Architect, VML, Inc.

Resource contributions have been made by Michael Angeles, Jorge Arango, Frédéric Cavazza, Livia Labate, Jess McMullin, Lou Rosenfeld, Luca Rosati, Nobuya Sato and others.

Tom Froelich: Faculty Advisor

Tom co-leads the Education initiative with Samantha Bailey, serving as IA Institute Faculty Advisor. He holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Duquesne University and Master’s in Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh. His research interests include curriculum development in Information Science and emerging roles for information professionals and a philosophical framework for relevance research. The majority of his published work is concerned with ethical considerations in the information professions, evolving in part from his philosophy background. Dr. Froehlich is a professor in the School of Library and Information Science and teaches in the areas of information science, ethics, network and software resources, online searching, and user interface design. He has provided workshops, trainings, seminars or presentations in 23 countries, primarily in the areas of online searching and ethical concerns of information professionals. He recently returned from South Africa where he was invited to participate in a pan-African conference to draft the Tshwane Declaration on Information Ethics for Africa.

Barbara Wiel Marin: Translation of Information Architecture (TIA) and IA Glossary


For more information or to volunteer, please contact Barbara at tia AT iainstitute DOT org

Brad Nunnally: Student Chapters

St. Louis, MO, USA

Brad is currently formulating a Student Chapter initiative. He is working with faculty at Kent State University to pilot a student affiliation for the IA Institute. Brad is a mentor in the IA Institute's mentoring program and has been a valuable member of the IDEA Conference team. He is a User Experience Designer at Perficient.

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