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The Information Architecture Institute has been performing research on the field and profession of Information Architecture. This research initially was used to help assess the needs of practitioners of IA and has branched out into investigating perceptions of IA by those that buy, want, and need IA as well as those that train and mentor information architects. This research helps the IA Institute prepare resources for all members of the field to use in their own practice.

Research Goals

The goal of our research is to:

  • Support the Institute in achieving its goals by maintaining an accurate picture of the information architecture community to focus, to guide and to inform our day-to-day activities.
  • Support the IA community by maintaining an accurate picture of the context in which information architects work to focus, to guide and to inform their approach to meet the needs of their customers.

Ongoing Projects

Research The Business View of Information Architecture

Research The Information Architecture Community

  • What tools do IAs need to do their jobs?
  • What obstacles do information architects face?
  • What salary and benefits are common among IAs?

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