The IA Institute offers a number of useful resources to the Information Architecture community, including an IA Library, IA Tools sharing site and other resources to help you explain what Information Architecture is to your clients, managers, Marketing and IT staff and other interested parties.

IA Library

The IA Library is a community-built and -maintained repository for IA (and UX) resources. At its core, the IA Library is a giant set of annotated links to resources that benefit the information architecture community.

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IA Glossary

One of the most basic ways to understand a field of discipline is to learn the terminology that practitioners use to describe their work. The IA Glossary defines terms relevant to the practice of Information Architecture. See Information Architecture Glossary by Kat Hagedorn and view our Research and Education in IA team page for more information on our involvement.

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IA Tools

The Information Architecture Institute's Tools project aims to disseminate IA tools from the community in order to learn from each other, including document templates, process map posters and other tools to help you in your practice.

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IA Talking Points

Have a client or manager who is interested in learning what Information Architecture is? These documents can help:

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