Translation of Information Architecture (TIA)

The Translation of Information Architecture (TIA) Initiative is made up of an international group of IAs dedicated to translating articles on Information Architecture to and from a number of languages. View our TIA FAQ for more information

In addition to translation of IA articles, we also have several language websites with localized content, such as news and events as well as general information about the Institute's programs and activities and a a full listing of translated articles. See the full list at left.

Latest translations

Where is My Language?

If you do not see your language here, and you are interested in helping translate articles into your language, please contact our Translation Initiative Leader

We are planning a sitewide migration to an updated website design and CMS. If you have are interested in working with the technology team on our language websites, please let us know. To volunteer for these sites, or any existing site, contact our Translation Initiative Leader.