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Journal of Information Architecture

Experience the Journal of Information Architecture, an international peer-reviewed scholarly journal whose aim is to facilitate the systematic development of the scientific body of knowledge in the field of information architecture.
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Email Lists

Subscribing to IA Institute Email Lists

There are now eight great list resources at the IA Institute. The newsletter, members discussion list, job board postings list, a meta list for discussing IAI operations and special interest lists covering mentoring, Translations of IA Articles and UX Management. Our lists are run by one service, Mailman, so once you've signed up you can manage all list options in one place. Each list asks you to chose a password but you can simplify by using the same one for all. If you already subscribe to more than one list, there is an option to set all lists to a single password. Most members recommend signing up for the digest option to help reduce messages in your inbox.

Please note that some of these lists are public lists and some are members-only. A few of our Members Only lists, including the Translations list and the Second Life lists, have been superseded by members-only, volunteer project sites on Basecamp. Feel free to contact us for information on which volunteer projects are represented in Basecamp. And always follow our Netiquette Rules for a more enjoyable list experience.

Lists especially for IA Institute Members

The IA Institute Members Discussion List
A members-only.moderated email discussion group, this smaller discussion group can help you gain focus on in-depth topics as well make great connections with other members. This is the place to get answers to questions and participate in developing the IA Institute and the growing field of information architecture.

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Meta Discussion List
A discussion list for members interested in IAI operations. This list was originally started to allow members a voice in developing the IAI business plan. Continued discussion on topics involving the IAI website redesign, events and other issues related to running IAI is welcome here. You must be a member to participate.

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The IAI Mentoring Discussion List
This list enables IA Institute members to share thoughts on mentoring, the mentoring program and to discuss career and education issues. Send your ideas here! You must be a member to participate.

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Lists currently open to the public*

IAI Newsletter Subscription
A free monthly newsletter with announcements and news about the IA Institute and its partners. Find volunteer opportunities, events, and an update on job postings. This read-only list is open to IAI members and non-members alike.

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Job Board Mailing List
A weekly update on new postings on the IAI Job Board. Members can access the full job posting and contact information. This is a public list.

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The Enterprise IA Discussion List
The IA Institute Enterprise IA discussion list is a member volunteer initiative promoting the discussion of Enterprise Information Architecture. All are welcome.

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The UX Management Discussion List
An email discussion group open to IAI members and the public. UX Management is a list dedicated to the discussion of management issues, problems and interests of User Experience Managers.

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The Australia-New Zealand Discussion List
Are you currently practicing or studying IA/UXD/UCD in Australia or New Zealand? Are you interested in hearing about AU/NZ regional events? If so, you are invited to join the IAI-AUNZ list. This will be an open list sponsored by IA Institute for the purposes of promoting closer ties between IAs in the Australia/New Zealand region. All are welcome.

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The Português-Brazilian Discussion List
AI-pt é uma lista de discussão dedicada a debater assuntos relacionados ao campo de estudo da Arquitetura de Informação e à profissão de Arquiteto de Informação.

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Discussion lists are volunteer initiatives so if you would like to volunteer to host a topic, local group discussion list please write to to set up your list. We are also actively seeking volunteers to help us develop a new and better discussion list interface or create new channels of communication for our members, if you are interested please write to volunteer

*The IA Institute reserves the right to limit or change subscription procedures for open discussion lists.

Managing Your lists

On the list options pages, you can change your receiving email account, change your password, set subscription to digest, and other helpful functions. You can also unsubscribe, set out of office or no delivery options and access archives!

Members Discussion List
Meta Discussion List
Mentoring Discussion List
Job Board Mailing List
UX Management List

Accessing List Archives

To access list archives, you'll need your email and password handy. Log in at the following pages:

Members Discussion List
Meta List
Mentoring List
Job Board List
UX Management List
Enterprise IA

Troubleshooting Lists


When the members mailing list was moved to its current location, it automatically generated new passwords. If you are receiving the list but your password won't open the archives, you may need a reminder or to reset your password. At the bottom of the List Options Page you'll find a "password reminder" area. If you click this button it will send a machine generated password to your email account. Go back to the options page with your new password and you can change to a more personal cryptograph there.

Contacting List Owners

Unsubscribe instructions are included at the bottom of each email of each list or you can unsubscribe from your options page.

Each list is administered by a different IAI volunteer. If you have problems with the list or questions you can contact the Membership Coordinator at or the list owner directly. Contact information is also available on the options pages.

Netiquette Rules

When posting to one of IAI's lists it is a good idea to follow basic netiquette techniques, so that everyone can enjoy the interaction.

Basic discussion list etiquette:

  • Determine if your post is meant for the whole group or if it can go directly to an individual. The IAI staff is happy to answer your inquiries about the website or organization through info The Directory lists members in specific occupations and geographic areas.
  • Use descriptive and specific subject lines. This helps others decide whether your particular words of wisdom relate to a topic they care about.
  • Keep posts to one topic at a time. This helps focus the thread of discussion as well as increases retrieval in the archives. If you have multiple topics to discuss, think of relating them in individual posts.
  • Ask for responses offline. If you don't think the answer will be edifying to the whole group ask to continue your conversation offline.
  • If you believe someone has violated netiquette, you can send a message by private e-mail.

When posting to the iai-members list, please refrain from:

  • Cross-posting. Closed lists like the IAI-members list are established to keep discussions to a group.
  • Commercial advertising. While we encourage news on your accomplishments, articles, upcoming workshops, and events, we ask that members not use the list for explicit self promotion.
  • Beating up other posters. If you believe someone has violated netiquette, you can send a message by private e-mail.

Message formats:

  • Use plain text when you're posting. The list and archives aren't formatted in HTML.
  • It's fine to include your signature but a short, concise message should be your goal.
  • Intersperse your quotes with the original text. You summarize the original text at the top of the message or include just enough text of the original to give a context. We use > to indicate text from a previous message.

When quoting, make sure you provide:

  • Correct identification of the person to whom you're replying, and
  • Correct attribution of the quoted text to the original author and of the new text to you.

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