Mentoring Program

The-IA-is-In-IA-Summit-2009.jpgThe Mentoring Program serves to introduce experienced IA professionals ("mentors") to practitioners, newcomers to the field, students, and anyone interested in being mentored ("protégés"). We help by recruiting mentors, providing a listing to prospective mentors for protégés to review, and, if requested, making introductions based on criteria provided during registration.

This program is provided as a service to IAI members at the Student, Professional, Benefactor or Group levels. Due to high demand, we are unable to offer mentoring benefits to Basic (Free) level members at this time. Mentors do not need to be members, but protégés do. If you are not already a member or if you would like to upgrade from the Free level, you can join the Information Architecture Institute, or sign in to edit your existing account.

Get Started

We ask that both mentors and protégés please fill out our Mentor Program Survey to participate in the Mentoring Program:

Mentor Registration Survey

Protégé Registration Survey

See a map of IAI Mentors.

If you are applying as a protégé, upon completing the survey, you will be able to:

  • Choose a mentor. Find someone whose interests and experiences match what you are looking for by reviewing the list of available mentors and contact them directly, OR
  • Get a recommendation. As you fill out the mentoring program survey, be sure to indicate this preference on the survey.  Our Mentoring Coordinator can suggest an appropriate mentor based on your interests, experience, and needs.  You will still be responsible for interviewing prospective mentors to ensure that your needs can be met.

**We highly recommend that you review the available mentors list before requesting a recommendation or introduction. We can make recommendations and assist with introductions; however, we will neither assign nor enforce matches. We see mentoring as a very personal process that only the participants can enter into through mutual agreement.**

If you would like to be a mentor, you can:

  • Volunteer. Fill out our survey and our Mentoring Coordinator will add you to the list of available mentors.

Learn more about the Mentoring Program:

Join our Mentoring Discussion Lists:

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