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Experience the Journal of Information Architecture, an international peer-reviewed scholarly journal whose aim is to facilitate the systematic development of the scientific body of knowledge in the field of information architecture.
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Event Promotions & Sponsorship

Would you like to promote your event to the IA Institute members? Are you looking for a sponsor to help your conference or event make an impact in the IA community? Read about two ways the Information Architecture Institute can provide support for your event.

Event Promotions

The Information Architecture Institute seeks to connect members by promoting their events and conferences.

Here are some quick and easy ways to promote your event:

For listing in our calendar and information sent to our members and followers, use our event promotion program. If your upcoming event is free or will offer a discount to IAI members, contact events@iainstitute.orgfor more information.

Certain local group events that charge a nominal fee for refreshments may be elligible for a complimentary listing. Contact us to see if your event qualifies and to register your local group with our Local Groups program.

A basic agreement can include registration discount for IAI members, scholarship opportunity for IAI member, listing and linking to IAI in event literature on on event website in exchange for listing in the IA Institute Calendar, newsletter, and online promotion to IAI community. You will be able to reach over 2000 and growing IAI twitter followers as well as thousands more website visitors. Our monthly newsletter reaches 5000+ readers. View standard agreement .

Event Sponsorship

Toward the goal of assisting in the growth of information architecture (IA) globally, the Information Architecture Institute has developed the Asilomar Events Sponsorship Program. This program will annually sponsor up to two regional and national events dedicated to information architecture.

Scope of Event

  • The event should be regional in coverage, rather then pertaining to a single community. (In other words, this event shouldn't serve the community in a single city or town; instead it should target attendees from a broader area, either a region or a country.)
  • The event should be focused on information architecture as defined by the Institute.


  • The Institute will grant up to US$1,000 per event, and will sponsor up to two events in each of its fiscal years.
  • Event organizers must present a budget that shows how the money will be spent, as well as financial statements that document and verify expenses.
  • The Institute is open to discussing financial arrangements that present an alternative to the simple granting of funds (e.g., sharing expenses and sharing revenue).

Benefits to Event Organizer

  • The Information Architecture Institute's sponsorship includes up to US$1,000 in supporting funds.
  • The Institute will publicize the event to its members and the public through its website. IAI logos are available. Please refer to our IAI Logo Usage Guidelines below.
  • The Institute will assist the event organizer as much as possible with finding speakers through its members' contacts.
  • The Institute may be able to provide additional infrastructure support to event organizers, such as space on a wiki.

Basic Sponsorship Requirements

  • The event organizer will list the Information Architecture Institute as a sponsor in its online and printed marketing and advertising materials.
  • The Institute's marketing materials will be made available to event attendees.
  • The Institute's members will receive a discount for attending the event. The discount amount will be jointly determined by the event sponsor and the Institute.
  • An Institute member must be present at each event to ensure that the Institute is represented and the Institute's materials are made available.

Application Process

Logos Usage Guidelines

Copies of our logos are available through our website. The logo is provided for the use of journalists or those publishing information about the IA Institute, as well as members marketing Institute-sponsored events. Any other use, especially commercial use, must be approved by the Information Institute staff or board of directors. Logo art is available at IA Institute Logos. Please contact us at if you have questions.

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