Welcome to IAI Mentoring

Thank you for your IAI Mentoring application and welcome to our program!

Please read the following information carefully. You WILL NOT receive a direct response from our mentoring team unless you specifically request help.


You are now ready to contact our mentors. We ask that protégés select at least two mentors to interview before establishing an agreement. Please review our list of Available Mentors located in the Member Center. You must log into Memberclicks to view listings, so contact us at mentoring@iainstitute.org, if you need assistance.

Unless you indicated that you would like help with introductions, you will not be contacted by the IA Institute, except for occasional updates and announcements of new mentor listings. If you requested help, you should expect to hear from us within a week or so, but if you don't hear from us let us know at mentoring@iainstitute.org.


We will contact you to verify the wording of your listing in our Mentor Directory. The directory is located in the Member Center. Only IA Institute members have access to the listing (If you are not an IA Institute member, we can provide you with a sample listing). Unless you requested a private listing, you should expect to receive emails from time to time directly from prospective protégés. Please contact us if you have not received any inquiries after a month or so.

If a mutually agreeable arrangement is made with a particular protégé, please let us know. It helps us keep track of who is available and who might need help.

Also, if you requested that your information be kept private, you will only receive emails from the IA Institute if a protégé requests an introduction based on your anonymous listing.

ALL Participants:

Be sure to review our Mentoring Agreement (PDF). The agreement is not required but can help you establish ground rules and expectations. Let us know if you have established a mentoring engagement or need to update your profile information. We don't assign or enforce matches, but we do need you to let us know if you are or are not available.

Keep in mind that we do experience occasional backlogs, particularly since we tend to get more protégé applicants than mentors, so be patient. (Note: We tend to get many new mentor applicants after the IA Summit in the Spring). We could use volunteers to help manage the program, so that is another way you can get involved.

Everyone, please feel free to join our mentoring discussion lists. We provide a general iai-mentoring list for discussion mentoring issues, and for announcing program updates, mentoring tips and additions to the Available Mentors list; as well as a peer-to-peer ux-management list for talking about management issues.

For further information about how to manage your mentoring arrangement, please refer to our Mentoring Resources:

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at mentoring@iainstitute.org.

The IAI Mentoring Team

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