Volunteer Spotlight

Andrew Hinton

"I'm a big believer in Information Architecture as a community of practice, and I also believe it's good for such a community to have a "home base," especially if they're a virtual organization spread all over the globe like ours, which is why I got involved with starting the Institute in 2002."

Who: Andrew Hinton

Company: Vanguard

Title: Senior Information Architect

Most recent IA project: Various Vanguard sites.

Working on: Second Life Initiative, Local Groups Initiative

Learn more about me at: www.inkblurt.com


The IAI runs on volunteer love.

The Information Architecture Institute supports volunteer initiatives in the areas of research, education, advocacy and community service. Our organization only works if our members contribute directly to our global mission.

We depend on our volunteers to:

  • Run World IA Day: We currently have 38 teams in 27 countries planning a one day free event in their local community.

  • Translate IA Articles: Our global team of information architects has gained permission to translate many seminal IA articles into other languages for the benefit of a worldwide audience. We currently have translations in nineteen languages and are working on more.

  • Run Local Groups: Help IA professionals find each other where they live, share tools, plan events and collaborate on local projects.

  • Rebuild the IA Library: Bring information architecture thought and action to a worldwide audience.

  • Manage the IA Job Board: An excellent source of information on typical job descriptions and experience requirements for various IA roles

  • Match Mentors: Our program hand matches mentors with protégés who seeks to learn the craft of IA.

For a list of roles we are recruiting for in our active initiatives, please go to our volunteer opportunities page or send a cover letter to volunteer at iainstitute dot org to find your fit.

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