Volunteer Spotlight

Marianne Sweeny

Who: Marianne Sweeny

Company: FatDUX

Title: Search Wizard

Working on: IA Job Board

Learn more about me at: Daedelus Information Systems

Volunteer Opportunities

The IA Institute is a global volunteer organization who supply the ideas, initiative, and energy it takes to provide services to the IA community. Join that effort by taking on a volunteer role today.

Below are our volunteer opportunities. If any of these jobs sound like something you would be good at and happy to give your time to, please email us with the subject line of the position you are interested in and a bit about your availability and skillset: volunteer@iainstitute.org

Specific Volunteer Jobs we are seeking to fill:

As you can read about in our 2014 Annual Report, we have a mighty mountain to climb this year in replatforming our technological infrastructure. If you ever wanted a really good cobbler's kids get shoes case study, you want in on this.

We're a strong community with so many smart people. We can do this together - think of it like a digital barn-raising.

Peer Reviewers for Library Content We are recruiting pairs of people that can work together on a small set of resources. Pairs will be responsible for tagging their resources using the controlled vocabulary and reviewing or adding the metadata associated with each resource in their set. To sign up for this role, use this form

Library Curators We are recruiting curators for each broad category to begin assessing what we are missing from the current resources and to recommend what we should add. Ideally, we will want these people to stay on after migration to keep an eye out for new resources as they come out. To sign up for this role, use this form

Social Media Mavens: We need a reporter for the institute. And a communicator extraordinaire. A journalism minded person to cover what is going on in our global organization and pique the curiosity of that someone somewhere who just might need become an IA. We would like to find at least one person per social network to manage all our various accounts and pages.

Quality Assurance Overlord: We have a name to uphold here at the IAI. And if something is not working properly, we want someone to tell us. As such, we need an overlord of such things to manage the bug queue and make sure our stuff is tight by the time the world glimpses it. This role also involves recruiting and coordinating a global network of volunteers to make sure we are solid across multiple languages, devices and systems.

Local Group Leaders

Local Group leaders organize local IAI events that foster groups, including World IA Day, local summits, presentations, and cocktail hours, etc. This is an ongoing commitment of a few hours a month to organize and attend meetings of your group's choice.

Translations Team Members

Join a language team! Teams need assistance with translation, navigation, and moving translated content into the new website framework. If you aren't able to translate the words but have html/css knowledge, you can still make a great contribution to the web development. Many sites are translated and ready to go, we only need a few of your hours to bring them to the public.

If you don't see your language or if your language site seems to be a bit low on content, we'd love to have your help! We have a list of articles waiting to be translated from English to your language. In fact, we would love to find out what is going on in your area and provide details to our members in your language. If you have news, events or articles you would like to submit, we can add them to your language site. We can also add articles translated to English to bring thought leadership to a wider audience.

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