Second Life Initiative

Second Life (SL) is a popular example of an online, shared 3-D virtual environment. It's used for game-playing and socializing; and also by businesses, government, non-profits, libraries, education institutions and others for collaboration, service delivery, e-commerce, training, modeling and simulation, distance learning, and more.

However, visitors often find it difficult to navigate both "physical" and information spaces in Web 3-D. All the challenges IAs face in creating complex information spaces on the regular web are present in virtual 3-D worlds, with many interesting twists. Moving from Web 2.0 to Web 3-D presents a host of fascinating complexities that require innovative wayfinding solutions.

Get Involved

The IAI's Second Life initiative is exploring what works, what's hard, what has failed, and what's next regarding crafting complex information spaces and shaping the user experience in shared virtual environments. To participate in this project, contact us; or from in-world IM Banjo Quonset.

Visit Information Architecture Island in Second Life. You will need a free Second Life account.

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