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The Institute sponsors volunteer initiatives in the areas of research, education, advocacy and community service. As a member, we hope you will consider joining, leading an initiative or contributing directly to the management of the organization. To join a current project read our list of current volunteer opportunities and write us at or write us with your own idea.

We also provide support to local IA groups working on collaborative projects for the benefit of the information architecture field. Contact our Volunteer Coordinator at, if you are interested in helping out or adding your local group project to our list.

Public Initiatives

Research and Education
Peer Review Journal: Andrea Resmini, Editor
IA Glossary: Shari Thurow
IA Programs and Course List: Noreen Whysel

Local Groups
Leader: Andrea Resmini

IA Library
Creators: Jeff Tang and Chiara Fox

IA Tools
Creator: Gene Smith
Reviewer: Jamila Vaughan

Translation of Information Architecture (TIA)
Leader: Barbara Wiel Marin

Careers Initiative
Job Board Leaders: Samantha Bailey (content), Austin Govella (technology)
Jobs Email List: Marianne Sweeny
Salary Survey: Noreen Whysel

Member Initiatives

Mentoring Program
Leaders: Noreen Whysel
The mentoring program needs you. Please contact us at to help.

To suggest new initiatives or inquire about volunteer opportunities, please contact us at

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