The Translation Initiative Team

Website Templates (for Drupal migration project)

Roman Stalder, Switzerland

Arabic Team

Marwan Marish, Egypt

Language representative, Arabic

Feras Malakh, Jordan

Language volunteer, Arabic

Bulgarian Team

Masha Ioveva, USA

Masha Ioveva Language representative, Bulgarian

Maria Ioveva is an Experience Planner at Publicis Dialog NY, where she's waiting for the job titles of interaction designer, user experience design and planning to sort themselves out. She received her MFA from Parsons' School of Design, New York in 2005.

Ivan Bachev, Bulgaria

Language volunteer, Bulgarian

Chinese Team

Jack Zheng, USA

Language representative, Chinese

Jack also serves as a mentor for the IA Institute Mentoring program.

Hai Tang

Language volunteer, Chinese

Shan Zhao, USA

Language volunteer, Chinese

Czech Team

Iva Svatosova

Language volunteer, Czech

Danish Team (Dansk)

Eric Reiss, Denmark, has been caretaking this site, but we are currently seeking a representative for Dansk Team.

Dutch Team (Nederlands)

Peter Boersma, Netherlands, has been caretaking this site, but we are currently seeking a representative for the Dutch Team.

French Team (Français)

Vanessa Deconinck, France

Eliza Dumitrache, France

Language volunteer, French and Romanian

German Team (Deutsch)

Monica Caraway, USA

Language volunteer, German

Ruediger Dawideit, Germany

Language volunteer, German

Greek Team

Marianna Samara, United Kingdom

Language representative, Greek

Hungarian Team (Magyar)

Minkó Mihaly, Hungary

Minkó Mihaly Language representative, Hungarian

Italian Team (Italiano)

Andrea Resmini, Sweden

Andrea Resmini Language representative, Italiano (Italian)

Andrea Resmini is an information architect. An IT professional since 1989, Andrea holds a Masters in Architecture and Industrial Design and has been a teaching assistant of Generative Design at the Politecnico di Milano, Faculty of Architecture. A visiting researcher at JIBS in Jönköping (SE) and currently pursuing a PhD at CIRSFID, Dept. of CS and Law in Bologna (IT). He works on IA and classification issues concerning historical and juridical online databases, F/LOSS CMS and topic maps. Andrea is a Linux buff and his website is

Davide Potente, Italy

Language representative, Italian

Sara Strangalini, United Kingdom

Language volunteer, Italian

Michele Iovino, Italy

Language volunteer, Italian

Barbara Wiel Marin, Italy

Language volunteer, Italian

Japanese Team

Nobuya Sato, Japan

Sato Language representative, Japanese

Nobuya Sato is an Experience Designer, former User Experience Design Lead and Sr. IA at Business Architects, and former head of Information Architecture at Tokyo office of Razorfish. He is an active speaker and author on IA in Japan, specialized in User Experience, Design Strategy, Enterprise IA, and Web Globalization. Currently, he is working on a new mobile platform user experience at Sony Design. Nobuya holds Product Design degree from Kobe Design University.

Atsushi Hasegawa, Japan

Language volunteer, Japanese

Naoko Kawachi, Japan

Language volunteer, Japanese

Atsushi and Naoko of Concent, Inc in Tokyo have been involved with local group activity in Japan including speaking at a recent IA Summit Redux held in Tokyo.

Polish Team (Polska)

Stanislaw Skorka, Poland

Language representative, Polska (Polish)

Darius Paciorek, Poland

Language volunteer, Polish

Andrzej Siewiersky, Poland

Language volunteer, Polish

Katarzyna Stawarz, United Kingdom

Language volunteer, Polish

Marcin Wąsowski

Language volunteer, Polish

Portuguese Team (Português)

Juliana Dorneles, Brazil

Language representative, Portuguese

Bruno Galera

Language volunteer, Portuguese

Romanian Team

Bogdan Stanciu, Romania

Language representative, Romanian

Eliza Dumitrache, France

Language volunteer, Romanian and French

Russian Team

Eldar Safarov, Russia

Language representative, Russian

Spanish Team (Español)

Miguel Alcantará, Peru

Language volunteer, Spanish

Nicolas Cohen, Argentina

Language volunteer, Spanish

Thaly Andrea Gutierrez

Language volunteer, Spanish

Jorge Marquez, Spain

Language volunteer, Spanish

Paula Ortega, Argentina

Language volunteer, Spanish

Marcos Pérez Sánchez

Language volunteer, Spanish

Swedish Team

Jimmy Sterner, Sweden

Language representative, Swedish

Want to Join TIA?

The Institute welcomes volunteers who are interested in working on the translation initiative. We currently need help migrating each language site into the redesigned format. Volunteers with PHP and MovableType skills as well as a facility in the site language are ideal. We can provide training.

We will also need help editing content in each of our represented languages.

Contact our TIA Coordinator and join the TIA discussion list to get involved.