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Journal of Information Architecture

We are pleased to announce that the Journal of Information Architecture is now available online.

The Journal of Information Architecture is an international peer-reviewed scholarly journal whose aim is to facilitate the systematic development of the scientific body of knowledge in the field of information architecture.

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Optimal Workshop Discount

The IA Institute has negotiated a special member discount of 20% on any Optimal Workshop subscription. Choose from OptimalSort, Treejack or Chalkmark, or purchase all three by choosing the Optimal Workshop Suite. The discount is valid for any subscription length.

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Optimal Workshop products include:


Discover the most effective way to organise content on your website.

Create and run online card sorts. Participants group items into categories that make the most sense to them. Results show you the best way to group content so information is easy to find.

Learn more about OptimalSort.


Tree testing is like card sorting in reverse. Participants try to complete tasks by clicking through a site structure. Results of a Treejack tree test show you which labels and structures work best. Discover the most effective way to organise content on your website.

Learn more about Treejack.


Get quick answers to questions about your user interface.

Run a 'click test' or 'impression test' on a picture of your user interface or prototype. Set tasks and see where participants click. Results show you if your designs are working as intended. Find out just how good your information architecture is and learn what to tweak.

Learn more about Chalkmark.

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